liz allen

Hi, I’m Liz. I’m the “L.A.” of LA Seniors. I have been a professional photographer in the Twin Cities since 2002, and I’ve enjoyed working with hundreds of clients over the years. My favorite thing is to watch my clients light up when we work together to create really out-of-the box senior pictures. I love the passion and potential I see in these amazing young adults!

I love to create beauty and joy, and laugh.
I wish to help you discover yourself – all of the amazing and strong and worthy parts of you, coming out in harmony to create a breathtaking image.
I wish to applaud you for your dedication to your craft. Your tireless pursuit of that which you love most in this world.
I want to help you reveal to you what is really the most beautiful thing about your – which is that you are different from everyone else. 
And that is good.


owner, photographer, artist